Scid Pocket 4

Новая версия известной шахматной программы для работы с базами и анализа на Pocket PC.


Возможности программы:

- engine analysis, with the display of up to four best lines
— board setup
— load/save of Scid bases
— opening books
— several bases can be opened with the possibility to switch between them
— import of PGN files and export of Scid bases to PGN files
— game navigation with variations handling (tap and hold generates a right click in PGN window, triggering the same contextual menu as in Scid)
— search (position, header, material & patterns). All Scid search features are available.
— opening tree (stats related to current opened base)
— engine tournament (several engines are available in installation package)
— play on internet ( also known as FICS)
— automatic game annotation by engine
— Novag Citrine external board (trough Bluetooth) etc.

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